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2017 American Red Cross Heartland Hero

From the Murphy Family, thank you for your prayers and support. Our family, friends and community have all been unbelievably supportive in getting the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation financially up and running by donating money and supporting this Foundation so we can start helping people. Just in the first year since Nick's death, we have already raised over $160,0000.00 in total pledges, had 184 golfers play in the inaugural 2017 "Fairways for the Armed Forces" golf outing on June 12, 2017, given out nine military grants and financial awards, given out five educational college scholarships for students attending college, taken twelve pro bono cases and completed over $52,000.00 in free legal work already given out for military families through the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation Pro Bono Clinic at Murphy & Dunn, P.C., and donated $5,000.00 to Almost Home Kids through the Children's Hospital of Illinois.  We have also paid out over $50,000.00 through donations to build the Nicholas J. Murphy Memorial Press Box located at Dunlap High School in honor of Nick's sacrifice and commitment. We are giving it back and "Paying it Forward" and the community is responding. Nick Murphy was a true hero and we are very proud of him.


Ed and Theresa Murphy Family





First, we are committed as part of Nick's Foundation to provide Educational Scholarships and financial support to high school and college student-athletes to advance their education. The fundraising for these scholarships has come mainly through the golf outing. As part of that financial support, the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation has given out five $2,500.00 college scholarship funds ($12,500.00 in total scholarships already given out in 2017) in honor of Nick Murphy's academic and athletic career at Dunlap High School prior to him joining the United States Navy. Please see the recipients on our Educational Scholarship Page.


The scholarship recipients were chosen by the Murphy Family (Ed, Theresa, Grant, Alec and Delaney Murphy) based on recommendations from the coaches and from the players and fellow teammates of each varsity team, paying extra attention to the players attitude, hustle, support, work ethic and their overall contribution to the team, the school and the community. Nick Murphy was never the biggest guy on the team, but he always had the biggest heart, best hustle and cared the most about his coaches and fellow players in making them the best they could be. He never shied away from a challenge and he never "sat on the sidelines" in anything he did. He always gave 100% and was always "The Man in the Arena".  





Second, we are committed to supporting our military and Armed Forces families. We are giving out military grants and scholarships to high school or college student-athletes in the central Illinois area who have made the decision and joined the Armed Forces just like Nick Murphy did. There are numerous high school and college student-athletes who join the Armed Forces each year after graduation from high school or attendance at college. Most of these student-athletes have little money and the one thing the United States government does not do well for our military is pay them very well. Thus, we want to help. We will give out $1,000.00 military scholarships and grants to deserving student-athletes from any high school or college in the central Illinois area that can be used by them for any reason. These grants and scholarships will be given out at the end of each school year.


We also are giving out MILITARY CHRISTMAS GRANTS to deserving Armed Forces families throughout the United States to help them with their Christmas expenses, gave out Christmas grants last year, and given out military grants to deserving local military families to save their home from foreclosure. There are many military families in need and we are here to help them in any way possible. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR ONE OF THE TEN $500.00 2017 MILITARY CHRISTMAS GRANTS WE ARE GIVING OUT BEFORE DECEMBER 15, 2017.







Third, we have established the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation Pro Bono Clinic. It is staffed by attorneys and paralegals from the law firm of Murphy & Dunn, P.C. volunteering their time and talent to help those families with a connection to the Armed Forces that need a good family law attorney. Our goal in 2017 was to complete 15 cases free of charge to military families throughout Central Illinois. This will be providing tens of thousands of dollars of free legal services in central Illinois. We have already opened fifteen pro bono cases the first eleven months of 2017 and completed over $81,000.0000 worth of free and reduced rate pro bono services.


Murphy & Dunn



Fourth, we will be supporting the Children's Hospital of Illinois and Almost Home Kids as part of our charitable contributions. The Children's Hospital of Illinois is near and dear to our hearts. Twenty-four years ago they saved our oldest son Grant's life when he was born two months premature. Today he is a healthy 24 year old third year law student at Valparaiso University School of Law in the top ten of his law school class. We know the value of giving and this will be a big part of the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation. Recently we gave a check for $5,000.00 to Almost Home Kids through the Children's Hospital of Illinois to help built their new facility.